Jail Ministry


"I was in prison and you came to Me” – Matthew 25:36 

“Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them –  Hebrews 13:3a  

  Tetelestai Missions Ministry believes that the Bible is very clear that we have a responsibility to minister to those being held in captivity. In fact, Jesus likens ministering to those in prison as ministering to Him. What a breathtaking thought!   TMM focuses on smaller, municipal jails when possible as they are frequently overlooked by larger prison ministries but their population is every bit as precious to the Lord. We currently offer the following to inmates in the jails we serve:    

  • Bibles – Inmates may request their own bible in English, Spanish or large print without cost.
  • Greeting Cards – Inmates may request cards to send home for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father's Day, son’s or daughter’s birthday, Christmas and Sympathy. Inmates are provided these cards without cost. They are also provided with postage to mail the cards.
  • Jails are supplied with sermons and music on CD as well as CD players and batteries that inmates may borrow, as allowed by the facility.
  • Jails are provided with paperback  books when available (we accept donations of books and pass them along to the jails).
  • TMM provides small gift bags for inmates including such items as personal hygiene products and snacks as well as Christian literature, usually at Christmas and Easter. 
  • Inmates may also request prayers and visits (as time, volunteers and jail security allows)

Community Outreach


“I was sick, and you visited Me” - Matthew 25:36

TMM focuses on local area nursing homes / assisted living centers and drug and alcohol rehab centers as well as other community outreach opportunities as they become available.   We hold several evangelical events in the various centers we serve each year. The events usually include dinner or refreshments, games, a time for one-on-one fellowship, praise and worship music, a clear presentation of the gospel and usually a small bag of Christian literature, books, etc.    We offer Bibles, sermons and music CD’s, CD players and batteries for resident’s use.  When available, we provide paperback books or even set up small “libraries” for the residents as funds / book donations allow.    We also provide residents with small gift bags on special occasions.    

Global Missions


" and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”Acts 1:8b

TMM’s founder, Brett has participated in numerous mission trips with his church, One Heart Church, to Romania, Argentina and Ukraine.    These mission efforts concentrate heavily on ministering to children in small rural villages and local orphanages. In Eastern Europe, orphanages are still widely used and we are told repeatedly, “many come here (to the orphanages) but only you return again and again”

Relationships are frequently built by team members with the orphans and the children are introduced to their only hope, Jesus Christ.    There is a particular area in Lugoj, Romania that has a special place in my heart. It’s called the “brick factory” and is what we, in the United States, would know as an old mill town. There are little rows of very old apartment buildings that once provided housing to the factory employees. The apartments are still inhabited. 

My first visit to the brick factory several years ago was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I knew that poverty like this existed because I had seen it on TV but it was the first time I had stood in it, smelled it, felt it.

The children who live in this area are so very sweet and very excited when we visit them. We offer them crafts, toys and activities while their parents are in church services. They love to blow bubbles and we always provide them with a little bottle of bubbles for their very own. We also take larger bottles and the kids line up single file, waiting their turn to blow a bubble from the “big wand”.   Such a little, insignificant thing to us but the joy it brings to them and the light it brings to their eyes is such a blessing to me.